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This treatment center isn't just an ordinary "center"; they care and deal with all walks of life.  I felt important, supported, and treated like a human being.  After my first visit I felt hope; like I finally had a chance.  The mental health and medical treatment goals that I have now makes me feel like the impossible is possible.

Danny Jones

What is Happening?

The journey begins with you, as it takes all walks of life to come together and build a village


 Our Journey began in Rockingham County  First PRIVATE ADDICTION AND  OPIOID ABUSE  TREATMENT CENTER .

Our mission is to partner with the community to promote new hope, opportunities, restoration, discipline, and balance; by empowering and providing quality services for individuals, while partnering with families, local support networks, and creating a client specific treatment plan designed to allow the metamorphism to start in your life.  All caterpillars must go into the cocoon, which we are aware is a painful process; but the end result is that you fly high; as the butterfly is fully developed.  We are here to advocate, support, counsel, assess, and make sure the correct medication is distributed to WRAP you in services that produce a result that restore and replace the pain, the addiction and loss of hope with a new beginning; a new YOU!  



Intakes and appointments are available  .Our office will be  Closed during  Inclement weather.  We apologize in advance for  any delay or inconvenience, however, this is crucial for the safety of our clientsvand staff. Please call office number and leave a message for any concerns

Do you see the wish or the weed?

Do you see the "wish" the miracle that you were designed to become?  The treatment team is designed to develop a

person centered treatment plan that as you go through each phase of metamorphism; as the wind blows each seed that is released through this journey; that you partner with, imparts to others the experience and testimony that you chose to embrace of full restoration.  You will walk into freedom as you go through each phase offered at our Treatment Center specializing with addictions offering various medication options, partnering with mental health treatment and counseling.

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