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 Restoration is a journey; metamorphism is a process and each phase is peculiar and unique to your journey to full freedom!

 Our practice offers multiple services as a General Practice and Addiction Specialty Treatment Center.  We focus on client centered treatment, where our team looks at treatment as a metamorphosis process; as each phase is extremely important and personalized on the client's wants and needs according to where you are in your journey to restoration.  The caterpillar can not become a butterfly in its entirety without going through each phase of the process that the team, as well as, the client create during the treatment team process.  The cocoon is the FATAL part of the metamorphosis; which is where we as the treatment team come in to support, partner, and assist you through the journey.  As with all butterflies they never fly the highest if they  are released from the  cocoon to soon or without the proper nurturing care.    Our team guides and supports each phase that you will experience at your pace and cooperation .  We are here to advocate for you; the client's choice to restoration. 

  • General Practice
  • Treatment Center
  • Substance Abuse Counseling
  • Screenings
  • Suboxone Treatment Center with other medication options
  • Vivitrol 
  • Sport Physicals  highschool 
  • Substance abuse treatment 16 years ages and up
  • General practice 16 years and up

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